#RealSalesTalk Series Pre-roll / Mid-roll - Our flagship segment is a 30-45 minute weekly (sometimes more frequent) series centered around sharing insights from sales practitoners, sales leaders, and thought leaders. We’ve interview people like Jeb Blount, Marylou Tyler, Trish Bertuzzi, Mike Weinberg, Anthony Iannarino, Jim Keenan, Amy Schmittauer, and Alice Heiman.

TechTalk Series Pre-roll / Mid-roll - A 10-15 minute weekly segment centered around highlight sales technology, books, and tools to help the salesperson and sales leader. We’ve covered resources like Not Taught, Sparta, Fanatical Prospecting, Prospect.io, Wunderlist, OneMob, Sigstr, MobileDay, Expensify, and Nuzzel.

Close Series Pre-roll / Mid-roll - This is a new series aimed at giving our listeners a first-person Point of View look at the ups and downs of taking a sale from lead generation to the close. We give listeners unique access into how a sales rep prospects, pitches, follows up, closes (or loses) a deal - and the takeaways from those moments. Think Serial Podcast or #DailyVee for salespeople.

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